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Visit The Salem Maritime National Historic Site Near Real Pirates

a wooden pier next to a body of water

One of the best ways to complement your trip to Real Pirates in Salem, Massachusetts, is by visiting the nearby Salem Maritime National Historic Site. 

The site is within walking distance of Real Pirates and contains 9 acres of historic land and 12 buildings/structures along the beautiful Salem waterfront. 

a boat on a body of water

America’s First Historic Site

The historic site was first established in 1938. The location has the unique distinction of being the first national historic site in the country. Here, visitors can find over 600 years of preserved New England maritime history.

From walking trails to beautiful gardens and historic buildings, there’s so much to explore, see, and learn about. A few places to visit include:

Colonial Revival Garden

The Colonial Revival Garden is an awe-inspiring 18th-century garden. Here, visitors can view over 150 different types of “heirloom annuals, perennials, and bulbs, all documented to 1798 or earlier.” The formal garden is located behind the Derby House, home to some of Salem’s most notable merchants. 

Derby Wharf

The Derby Wharf and the Derby Wharf National Recreational Trail allow park visitors the opportunity to explore the wharf’s sites and sounds on foot. Along the trail, you’ll find spectacular views of the Salem Sound and historic buildings.

Derby Light Station

Speaking of Derby Wharf, lighthouse lovers should make a point to visit the Derby Light Station. This small but mighty lighthouse has aided Salem Sound navigation since 1871. Today the lighthouse is solar-powered and offers fantastic photo opportunities.

Friendship of Salem

Maritime lovers should definitely check out the Friendship of Salem. This vessel is a replica of the original Friendship, created by Salem shipbuilder Enos Briggs in 1797. Salem Maritime National Historic Site visitors are encouraged to step aboard this replica vessel to learn more about  “Salem’s global connections and life and work at sea.” 

Historic Buildings

There are many historic buildings and properties to be found throughout the historic site. These properties include:

  • Custom House
  • Derby House
  • Hawkes House
  • Pedrick Store House
  • Public Stores
  • Narbonne House
  • Scale House
  • St. Joseph Hall
  • West India Goods Store

Each of these locations offers its own unique insights into local maritime history. Various tours and programs closely examine the life, culture, and global connections established as far back as the 17th-century.

A Whole View of American Maritime History

When you pair Real Pirates with the Salem Maritime National Historic Site, you provide yourself with a rounded view of coastal maritime history – much of which was paramount in the early formation of our nation. 

Real Pirates provides an immersive, interactive experience that explores pirate life, focusing on Captain Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy and his crew. Our pirate museum is only a 5-minute walk from the Salem Maritime National Historic Site, providing easy access to much of Salem’s maritime historical sights, sounds, and experiences. Book your tickets to Real Pirates today!