A Look Inside Real Pirates In Salem, MA

May 5, 2022

The adventures of pirates have been told for generations, capturing the imaginations of kids and adults alike. 

Real Pirates in Salem, MA, is an up close pirate experience unlike any other. Guests are invited to learn true stories about a few of the most famous New England pirates.

Black Sam Bellamy, Maria Hallett, and The Whydah Gally 

Gold Coins


Our pirate museum mainly focuses on the true tale of Black Sam Bellamy – famous pirate from the early 1700s. Black Sam rose to fame as one of the youngest and richest pirates of all time. When Bellamy captured the slave ship the Whydah Gally, he became known as the “Prince of Pirates.” Over the course of his pirate career, Bellamy also captured over 50 ships and amassed the greatest treasure of all time.

The exhibition also focuses on Black Sam’s lover, Maria Hallett of Cape Cod. Rumor has it that Hallett turned to witchcraft believing that she’d been abandoned by her love. Some believe that she may have been responsible for the nor’easter that wrecked the Whydah Gally, bringing an end to Bellamy’s life. This earned Hallet the name, “The Witch of Wellfleet.”

Inside the Pirate Museum


When guests arrive at Real Pirates, they are treated to the true stories of Black Sam Bellamy, Maria Hallett, and the rest of his crew. Here, visitors can immerse themselves within pirate history, gaining a factual understanding of what life was like during the Golden Age of Piracy.

View Authentic Pirate Treasure

Real Pirates currently holds the world’s only fully authenticated pirate treasure ever discovered. Items include coins, jewelry, weapons, and other valuable objects that sank with the Whydah Galley in the early 1700s. This is a rare opportunity to see real treasure up close and experience the allure felt by pirates more than 300 years ago!

Learn About Archeological Preservation


Visitors also have the chance to visit our Discovery Lab. Here, guests can learn more about the archeological preservation efforts that went into recovering the Whydah Gally shipwreck. 

Visitors can also listen to an audio tour narrated by underwater explorer Barry Clifford, who discovered the sunken ship off the coast of Cape Cod. Clifford helped lead the efforts of excavating and preserving the contents and treasures within the ship.

Visit Our Gift Shop And Become A Real Pirate

Before leaving, Real Pirates visitors have the chance to browse our gift shop. Inside the shop, guests of all ages can find their own pirate-themed treasure to take home with them. 

Additionally, guests can also become a pirate themselves! Our photo experience allows guests to become a Real Pirate and have their portraits taken.

Book Your Real Pirates Salem Adventure Today!


So, do you want to experience what real life was like during the age of pirates? Book your tickets to the Real Pirates museum exhibition today. 

We also accommodate birthday parties, private events, school field trips, and group tours at the museum, so be sure to visit our group tours page for more information

Real Pirates Salem also follows all state and local COVID protocols for your safety and that of others.