6 Family-Friendly Attractions In Salem, MA

June 21, 2022

In case you haven’t heard, Salem, Massachusetts is a wonderful place to bring the whole family. The various tours, places to eat, outdoor activities, and historic museums make the city an engaging and educational destination for visitors of all ages. 

Below, you’ll find just a few of the many family-friendly places to visit during your trip to Salem, Massachusetts.

1. Real Pirates Salem

Address: 285 Derby Street #5 Charlotte

Pirates have captured the imagination of children for generations. Real Pirates brings those swashbuckling tales to life. Here, you’ll find a stunning partial replica of the Whydah Gally pirate ship and learn about our local pirate, Captain Sam Bellamy. The whole exhibit is very interactive and entertaining, encouraging engagement. The pirate museum also holds the world’s first fully authenticated pirate treasure. Ahoy! 

2. Peabody Essex Museum

Address: 161 Essex Street

The Peabody Essex Museum allows visitors of all ages to dive into historical art and culture. And when we say historical, we mean view objects, artifacts, buildings, and artwork spanning back centuries. The museum also features plenty of rotating exhibitions from local and national contemporary artists. 

3. Salem Witch Museum

Address: 19 1/2 N Washington Square

A trip to Salem isn’t complete without a dose of witch history. The Salem Witch Museum is one of the best places in Salem to learn about the infamous Witch Trials of 1692. The museum features two presentations, one examining the Witch Trials event and another exploring witch culture, European origins, and the perceptions surrounding witchcraft. 

4. Bit Bar Salem (Before 8pm)

Address: 278 Derby Street

It’s all fun and games until… actually, it’s just fun and games! At the Bit Bar, you and your family can sit down for a great meal while also playing your favorite classic arcade games. Those 21+ can also find a great selection of local beer and cocktails to order. Keep in mind that children are only permitted until 8 pm most days. 

5. The Salem Trolley

Address: National Park Service Visitor Center – 2 New Liberty Street

The Salem Trolley provides an exciting and in-depth tour of Salem and its history from the comfort of a quaint trolley ride through the city. The tour is headed by a knowledgeable guide who narrates the city’s history throughout various stops. And, children 5 or under are free! The trolley also offers private tours upon special arrangements. 

6. Fame of Salem

Address: Pickering Wharf Marina – 86 Wharf Street

Looking for a high-seas family-friendly adventure? A tour on the Fame of Salem puts you right on a Schooner sailing across the Salem Sound. On the tour, you’ll get to take in the incredible sights and learn more about the local area. You’ll also learn about Salem’s maritime history, especially when it comes to pirates and privateers (something we know a little about ourselves). The Fame of Salem offers two tours, the Sail on the Fame tour and the Sunset Sail, each tour lasting around 1 hour and 45 minutes.