Celebrate National Hamburger Month in Salem! 

May 8, 2024

The month of May kicks off one of the best times of year – grilling and barbequing season! May is also observed as National Hamburger Month and I dare say that this could be one of the most mouthwatering, delicious months of them all! 

Americans love their burgers whether they are well-done, medium-rare or topped with a pile of veggies and cheese. Heck, some of us go far beyond the classic burger topped with bacon and cheese into a whole new realm by adding jalapeno peppers, mushrooms, avocado slices or pickles just to add a punch of flavor or spice. 

Salem, Massachusetts, home of rich maritime history, the Salem Witch Trials and a Halloween celebration known around the world, is also home to some amazing and unique hamburger options. A few years ago we took a look at some of the City’s Best Burgers

In honor of National Hamburger Month, let’s explore some hamburger options you will find delectable in the Witch City. 

Olde Main Street Pub

Located on Essex Street, the Olde Main Street Pub is a culinary journey through Ireland right here in Salem, Massachusetts. Although the pub is known for its authentic Irish cuisine, warmth and friendliness, it also has a few burgers that will have you celebrating like a true Celtic. 

“The Burger,” as it is simply called, honors the traditional burger lover with a half-pound special blend of ground hamburger, cheddar cheese, apple bacon jam, and house fries. Looking for a vegetarian option with all the same deliciousness? Try the veggie burger with mango chutney, radish, arugula, aioli, and house fries. It will not disappoint. 

Check out the comprehensive food and drink menu and don’t forget dessert, because what is a burger without something sweet after? 

Dire Wolf Tavern of Salem

If you love a welcoming and comfy tavern environment and tasty eats, Dire Wolf of Salem should be on your list of places to celebrate National Hamburger Month. 

Located at 87 Washington Street, this inclusive and award-winning tavern will have you craving burgers and comfort food every day of the week. Burger lovers should try the Smash Burger with cheddar, lettuce, bacon, tomato, and chipotle aioli on a toasted brioche bun. Or perhaps you will love the Falafel Burger with Zatar spiced chickpea fritter, lettuce, tomato, red onions, and cucumber tzatziki on a toasted brioche bun. Don’t forget to pair these with traditional or truffle fries. Your taste buds will thank you! 

Explore the full menu for dine-in, take-out or delivery. 

Ledger Restaurant & Bar of Salem 

Ledger on Washington Street in Downtown Salem, Massachusetts is a perfect spot to feed your appetite for a burger and fries. Not only will your belly be happy after your meal, but you’ll also have the opportunity to dine inside America’s second-oldest savings bank. The restaurant hosts a long history as well as original ceilings, safety deposit boxes and vault doors throughout the space. 

The Ledger Double Burger is legendary and showcases not only quality ground beef but also a special sauce, American cheese, pickles, lettuce, sesame seed bun, onions, and of course – fries. 

Dine inside a little piece of history and enjoy your burger with friends and family. Check out the full food and drink menu online. 


Rockafellas of Salem 

A trip around Salem in honor of Burger Month wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Rockafellas on Essex Street. Not only do they offer indoor and outdoor dining commiserate with the weather but they offer a full burger menu for a variety of burger lovers. 

All burgers start with the 1/2 lb natural Brandt farms USDA choice angus burger and all are served with all-natural fries. Then diners can choose what special additions they want such as the Angus Burger that comes with the traditional lettuce, tomato and onion served on a brioche roll. Or perhaps you like your burger with a little kick and would like the Southwest Burger with cheddar cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion and Kansas City BBQ Sauce. For those who love Blue Cheese, the Blue Burger may be more your style with crumbled Bleu Cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion. Mushroom lovers will delight in the Mushroom Burger with sauteed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion.

Check out the full menu and get started celebrating this scrumptious month of hamburgers. 

To explore more dining options throughout Salem, visit Real Pirates blog and find out more about the amazing dining establishments across the Witch City.