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Special Events

From immersive theater and our Real Pirates Speaker Series, to performances, programs, and partnerships – there is much on the horizon! Join us on the journey.


From Cut n’ Rip to the Cutting Room Floor: Pirates in Film and the Secret Formula

Jennifer Emmerson | Saturday June 11, 2022  | @thepetticoatpages1693 on Instagram

Why do pirates say “arrr” and never have enough rum? Pull alongside as Jennifer Emerson spins a lively tale of how the brand narrative of screen pirates evolved in cinema – from their screen debut to Curse of the Black Pearl – and how they came to make their mark on popular culture.


Speaker Series No. 1 Jennifer Emmerson

Full Wind in Her Top Sails

Special Event | Wednesday June 29, 2022 | Pride!

Join in on the first collaboration between Real Pirates Salem and Intramersive, to celebrate Pride as only we can – with pirates and a chance to go on account! Famous pirates and lovers, Mary Read and Anne Bonny, are looking for their own taste of independence. Having been declared an insurance liability for their partner, Calico Jack Rakham, they are looking for a crew with heart, guts, and the iron will to take to the high seas. Will you throw your hat in at Captain Blackfrog’s Tavern, proving your worth to join these two fearsome female pirates?


For the Love of Grog: How Pirates Influenced Modern Food and Beverage Culture

Paige Besse | Saturday July 9, 2022 | @shutuppaige on Instagram

What if we told you that salmagundi, salted beef, hardtack, and grog are not the only options on your pirate-themed menu? Dive into a feast of facts with Paige Besse as she discusses how pirates aided in influencing everything from barbeque and mojitos to guacamole and mango chutney.


Speaker Series No. 2 Page Besse