Gift an “Experience” with Real Pirates Holiday Gift Cards 

December 4, 2023

The holidays are here and that means finding the ideal gift for everyone on your list. From our youngest maritime explorers to our saltiest and most experienced guests, Real Pirates in Salem, Massachusetts has the perfect gift for even the ‘hardest to buy for’ on your list. 

Real Pirates Salem offers a unique opportunity to take a glimpse back in time to when pirates ruled the seas and when Captain “Black Sam” Bellamy was a name commonly bantered about by sailors across the waters of New England and beyond. 

This holiday season treat your family, friends, or children to a delightful day at Real Pirates Salem with one of our gift cards. Give the people on your list not only an experience they will enjoy and learn from but also the opportunity to bring a little piece of maritime history home with them with a trip to our gift shop.

Real Pirates – The Experience 

One way that card recipients can use their gift card is to explore the Real Pirates Museum and immerse themselves in the history that is all around us in New England and in particular in Salem, Massachusetts. 

Real Pirates Salem features the opportunity to see and learn about real artifacts and treasures discovered at the ocean’s bottom from the shipwrecked Whydah Gally. In fact, you and your tour group will be able to see and touch the world’s only authenticated pirate treasure ever discovered – including coins, cannons, and weapons. 

Tours will also learn about the underwater explorer Barry Clifford and his son’s many visits to the shipwreck site of the Whydah off the coast of Cape Cod. Learn about the salvage and discovery operation that has been spotlighted on the History Channel on the program Beyond Oak Island

In addition to learning about local pirates and pirate life, visitors will get a chance to learn about how treasure is handled and what concretion is during a mission to the bottom of the ocean floor. The science and the history are exciting for visitors of all ages! The exhibits and knowledge of the tour guides will have you totally immersed in the world of Real Pirates. 

Real Pirates Gift Shop 

Your holiday gift card cannot only be used to purchase tickets to see the exhibits and learn from our experts. It can also be used to buy merchandise in our gift shop!

Choose from products such as children’s books about pirates or more advanced reading on the history of the pirate era, apparel to please even the most swashbuckling young pirates, collectibles, jewelry, toys, stationary and featured items found only in our store. 

Plan your visit today for your family, friends, school, group, community group or individual tours. We will be sure to have you learning all about the pirates that once ruled the seas in our region and across the globe. 

Gift cards can be purchased online or in person and can be made for the amount you choose. Give the people on your list an experience they won’t find under a tree. See you soon at the Real Pirate Museum, Salem.