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maritime history

What Type of Treasure Did Pirates Collect? 

What comes to mind when you envision pirate treasure? We are willing to bet you are picturing a wooden treasure chest filled to the brim with all sorts of booty like jewels, gems, gold, and coins galore. While this is somewhat true, there is more to what pirates collect on their journeys across the seas….

Fun Myths & Facts About Pirates 

How much do you think you know about pirates? Is everything you have learned based on what you have seen in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean or Broadway shows like Peter Pan?  Movies and shows may have portrayed pirates in a certain light but this may not be an accurate description of what being…

Pirates And Privateers: Sailing The Schooner Fame

There is an abundance of maritime history in Salem, Massachusetts. The Schooner Fame and Real Pirates offer the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with privateer and pirate history, especially when it comes to North Shore maritime history. We spoke with Captain Michael Rutstein of the Schooner Fame in Salem, MA to learn…

5 Maritime History Museums On The North Shore

The North Shore is steeped in maritime history. While visiting Real Pirates in Salem, MA, you might want to visit a few more maritime museums in the area. Most of which can be found right here in Salem.  Real Pirates Salem  Address: 285 Derby Street, Salem, MA What’s maritime history without adventure? Real Pirates in…