5 Free Things To Do In Salem, Massachusetts 

November 1, 2023

Salem is known for its rich maritime history and its historical place in the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. There is so much to do when visiting Salem, from exploring shops and restaurants to touring museums and exhibits. What many people don’t realize is that Salem has lots to offer that’s free for visitors. 

From history to nature and art, there is something here for everyone in Salem. Let’s explore some of the free things you can do in Salem this fall or any time of year that will fill your mind and spirit without breaking the bank. 

Punto Urban Art - Salem

Tour the Punto Urban Art Museum 

If you love art, history, and culture, you will not want to miss this free outdoor art museum. Located along the Point Neighborhood, this open-air art exhibit features 85 large-scale murals and 40 world-renowned artists.

Start your tour along Peabody Street, just a quick walk from downtown Salem, and you will see the huge murals along buildings in a three-block radius that will be sure to teach you about the culture and welcoming atmosphere of Salem, Massachusetts. The Punto Urban Museum is free to explore and we love when visitors show us their favorite murals. 

Find out more about the artists and the meanings behind each mural on their website and be sure to visit in person as the exhibit economically benefits the Point Neighborhood and beyond. 

Visit Salem Willows 

Found along Fort Avenue, Salem Willows is a seaside park that has lots to do and see. 

While many visit Salem Willows to play at the arcades or enjoy Hobbs Popcorn or an American Chop Suey sandwich, others enjoy walking along the path or standing on the pier and looking at the boats across the harbor. 

Salem Willows is open year-round and offers many things to do including tennis, basketball, picnicking, and lazing by the water on the sandy beach. This park is a true gem in Salem and is a must-visit for everyone finding their way to Witch City. 

Schooner Fame

Salem’s Maritime National Historical Site 

Maritime history is all around you in Salem, Massachusetts. 

As you stroll around the streets of Salem, you will hopefully find yourself down at Derby Wharf. Here you can visit the National Maritime Historical Site such as the Derby House, Narbonne House, U.S. Customs House and more. Tour the places where sailors, Revolutionary War privateers and merchants brought their goods through Salem Harbor to the New World. 

Picnic in the Park at Salem Commons 

There’s nothing quite like a lazy day in Salem, Massachusetts. 

Enjoy some fresh air any time of year at Salem’s Common. Close to all the museums and historical sites, this park is a walker, jogger, and frisbee-loving paradise. Unwind after a day of touring Salem at Salem Commons. 

Salem Custom House

Take to the Trail – Salem’s Heritage Trail

Tying all of Salem together is the Salem Heritage Trail. 

The Salem Heritage Trail guides visitors through over 400 years of Salem history. Connecting all the major sites in Salem, the Trail allows visitors a chance to see it all including Salem’s connection to the Colonial Era and the Revolutionary War, as well as maritime local history. 

Access your free map guide and start exploring Salem today. 

Salem is such a robust city with so much to see and do. Try these five free activities and you’ll find you love Salem as much as we do. Don’t forget to stop by the Real Pirates Museum to learn all about the archeological and historical world of pirates.